CalculatorLikely outcome of newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients

Answer questions below

1. Abnormal Xray

2. Age

3. Hemoptysis(blood in cough)

4. Dyspnea (no taste)

5. Unconsciousness

6. Comorbidities numbers

7. History of cancer

8. Neutrophil/Lymphocytes (NLR) 0-80

9. Lactate dehydrogenase0-1500 U/L

10. Direct Bilirubin 0-24 umol/L

Total point :

Probability :

Risk group :

Total : Probability :

The calculator is based on the findings of research published in NATURE . The results found that the following indicators can predict whether a patient had a higher risk of death than other infected people 10 days inadvance: 1-High levels of the enzyme lactic dehydrogenase (LDH). This is associated with lung damage and the type of tissue breakdown that happens during pneumonia. 2- Lymphopenia, the term for low levels of lymphocytes — white blood cells that defend the body against invading pathogens. 3- An increase in high-sensitivity C-reactive proteins, or hs-CRP for short. This indicates inflammation in the lungs. Note :note:Commorbidity includes Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,Hypertention,Diabetes,Coronary Heart Disease,Chronic Kindey Disease,Cancer,Cerebral Vascular Disease,Hepatitis B and Immunodeficiency.
Probability for Critical-ill events(invasive ventilation/ICU/death):low-risk group 0.7%;medium-risk group 7.3%;high-risk group 59.3%

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