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Medicare Advantage plans combine your Medicare hospitalization coverage (Medicare Part A), out-patient coverage (Medicare Part B) – and may provide your Medicare prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D), – and supplemental benefits such as dental, vision, and fitness center coverage.

In some areas, Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage are offered with a $0 monthly premium and a $0 initial deductible – and a low out-of-pocket spending limit (MOOP) – and some Medicare Advantage plans will actually “give back” a portion of your Medicare Part B premium.

You can use the MA-Finder ( for searching and comparing all Medicare Advantage plans available Queens County, New York.  You can jump right to Medicare Advantage plans in ZIP code 11372 (

You can click on the Benefits & Contact Info button for more information about a specific Medicare Advantage plan.

If you wish to see an overview of all stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription DRUG PLANS (PDPs) offered in your New York, then you can use the  PDP-Finder (  You can review prescription drug plan details including: drug tier co-payments, initial deductibles, monthly premiums, Part D plan IDs, additional Donut Hole or Gap coverage, formulary size, and Medicare plan quality star ratings.

You can click on the plan name or “Benefits & Contact Info” for more information about the specific Medicare PDP. has two different tools available to check coverage of your prescription drugs:

  1. The Q1Medicare Formulary Browser ( allows you to browse through all Medicare prescription drug plan formularies or drug lists.  You can click on the cost-sharing values of any medication to see the cost difference between using a preferred network pharmacy or a standard network pharmacy.
  2. The Q1Rx Drug Finder ( provides a quick way to see how all Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plans in your area are covering a particular prescription drug.  Drug Finder details include drug tier, cost-sharing, average negotiated retail drug prices, and usage management restrictions (such as Quantity Limits or Prior Authorization requirements). You can go right to your medication using the code from your medication bottle.

As an example, you can see costs for ADVAIR DISKUS 250/50 by entering

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