Skin/ allergy Creams

We offer a wide range of creams, including veterinary, pain, Skin treatments, anti-fungal, and Facial compounds.

Some of the creams that we can make include:

TriLuma :
1- Fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% cream qty 60gms —to reduce inflamation,
2- Tretinoin 0.05% cream qty 45gms —to help exfoliate the skin,
3- Hydroquinone 4% cream qty 30gms —to lighten the skin all in a cream or ointment base.

Please make sure to tell your  doctor to specify that can be dispensed separately on the prescription or in the Erx notes. 

Also Dr to write “Brand medically necessary” if it applies.


Dry skin Cream:

1- Neosalous cream 400gms

2-Tacrolimus Oitment 0.1% 100gms

3- Urea 41% cream 227gms.  

(can be dispensed separately)

Medication adherence / syncing

Medication syncronization. Get all your prescriptions with us to enhance our care of you and we will try to fill all your medications on the same day each month.

Dry skin Cream :

1- Neosalous cream 400gms

2-Tacrolimus Oitment 0.03% 100gms

3- Urea 41% cream 227gms.  

(can be dispensed separately)


Pain cream/liquid:

1- Lidocaine 5% ointment 100gms

2-Pennsaid 2% 120gms

3- Doxepin 5% cream 45gms. 

(can be dispensed separately).


Vaccinations and Medical equipment.

Vaccinations. We offer a variety of vaccines to keep you healthy. Contact us to learn more about our immunizations. (i do not administer vaccines as yet)
Durable medical equipment. We carry a wide selection of medical equipment, including ambulatory aids, nebulizers and bathroom equipment.


Guideline based medication treatments.

All medication prescribing for patients is based on research and doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals use the published research to make clinical descisions on what medications to prescribe to patients. 

Guidelines summerize recent changes in research and help make it concise for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to make descisions on what medications will work best for the patients. 

We make sure that your medications are suitable for your conditions when provided information.

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