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Guideline Based Medication Treatments

All medication prescribing for patients is based on research and doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals use the published research to make clinical decisions on what medications to prescribe to patients. 

Guidelines summarize recent changes in research and help make it concise for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to make decisions on what medications will work best for the patients. 

We make sure that your medications are suitable for your conditions when provide information.

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  • Get Beach Ready: Quick Guide to Body Contouring Treatments July 19, 2024
    Summer is here and most of us do not feel like we are “bathing suit ready.”  In fact, “Excess weight on a part of the body” was listed as the #1 most bothersome aesthetic concern in a recent national survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. More than 60% of those polled said […]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Supplements for Healthy Skin July 16, 2024
    As a dermatologist, Dr. Sikora often tells her SkinCare Physicians patients that maintaining healthy, glowing skin requires more than just a good skincare routine. In addition to proper nutrition, the right supplements can play a crucial role in enhancing skin health from within as we age. Here are some key supplements Dr. Sikora recommends for […]
  • AviClear, a breakthrough in the treatment of acne July 11, 2024
    Acne is the most common skin condition affecting as many as 80% of Americans during their lifetime. It’s most often thought of as a condition of adolescence, but it’s remarkable just how many women and some men in their 20s, 30s and beyond suffer from continued outbreaks. While our dermatologists have seen improvements in the […]
  • The Myth of Smoker’s Lines June 13, 2024
    It’s time to address the pervasive myth that wrinkles of the upper lip are “smoker’s lines”. That simply is no longer true, yet this fallacy has been persistent in our national lexicon for decades. While it is accurate that cigarette smoke has a toxic effect on collagen (along with virtually every other part of the […]
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